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Product Analytics – The Ultimate Guide for Product Managers

Product analytics involves analysing how users interact with a product to gain insights to drive product development, optimisation, and business […]

12 Key Product Design Principles Every Product Manager Should Master

Do you find yourself hooked on Instagram Reels or TikTok every time you use them? Do you spend hours swiping […]

What’s your favourite product and how would you improve it? Most asked Product Management Interview Question

Everyone has products they love, but as a Product Manager, it’s crucial to create products that people will like and […]

Mastering RCA Questions in Product Management Interviews: A Step-by-Step Guide with Practical Solutions to Common Examples

In product management interviews, the interviewer typically poses questions such as: These are some of the most important and frequently […]

How to Transition from a Sales or a Business Development Role to a Product Manager

The transition from a sales or a business development role to product management is an increasingly common path that can […]

What does a ‘Great’ product manager look like and how to become one

Being a product manager is more than just organizing things or being the boss. It’s about leading with big ideas […]

Top Tools Every Product Manager should know about in 2024

Product managers have to juggle between a lot of responsibilities. They need to create documents, roadmaps, wireframes, go to market […]

How to build a strong Product Manager Resume?

Crafting an effective product manager resume can be challenging. Most applicants struggle to demonstrate the right skills. In this actionable […]

How to Work With Engineers: A Guide for Product Managers

In the dynamic environment of product development, the relationship between product managers (PMs) and engineers is crucial for the success […]

Fintech Product Management in India: Opportunities and Challenges in 2024

Fintech Product Management involves overseeing the lifecycle of a financial technology product. Product managers guide the development, launch, and continuous […]

What is PRD and why is it important for Product Managers?

A Product Requirements Document is crafted by a product manager to communicate the functionality, constraints, and goals of a product […]

API for Product Managers – Complete Guide

Your Uber ride is possible because of these kinds of services working together:📍Google Maps – Locates the place💰 PayTM – […]

Product Manager Salary in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Uncover the latest insights on Product Manager salaries in India. Explore how experience, location, and specialization impact your earning potential in the tech industry

How to Solve Guesstimates: A Crucial Skill for Product Management Interviews

Dive deep into mastering guesstimates, an essential skill for acing product management interviews. Learn techniques, common mistakes, and preparation strategies for success.

Curated Summaries of Top Recommended Product Management Books

Books are great! They give you a detailed view into the minds of great thinkers within a much shorter period. […]

How to Create a Product Teardown

The step-by-step guide on How to do a product teardown? 📌 Practicing product teardowns is a great way to hone […]

Jobs To Be Done – The Practical Guide for Product Managers

It’s easy to fall in love with your product idea. The new technology (AR/VR/AI/ML/Web3 or anything) that you have recently […]

5 Why Framework for Product Managers

Products succeed because they address a desire or solve a problem in the life of the user. However, most product […]

Product Management Frameworks – Ultimate Guide with Examples, Templates, and PDF

As a product manager, you will find yourself taking a lot of critical and not-so-critical decisions at your job. The […]

ChatGPT for Product Managers. The Ultimate Guide

Product Managers are always struggling to find time between never-ending meetings, documentation, prioritization, and then some more meetings. While at […]

How to make a Product Manager Portfolio – The complete guide with Examples, Tools, Templates, and Free Resources

What is a product portfolio? How do I create my portfolio as a product management aspirant? Can it help me […]

The ultimate list of resources for your next Product Management Interview

Congratulations on getting your resume shortlisted! Now the next step is to understand the various kinds of questions asked in […]

Technology for Product Managers

Product management is one of the most sought-after job roles in these modern times. But can someone without a computer […]

SQL for product managers – the definitive guide

Product management is about taking your product in the right direction with the fastest speed possible. Data is always going […]

First principles for Product Managers

“As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles […]