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27 Cohorts

Running & Completed in the last 3 years.

1000+ Alumni

Working in product roles at top tech companies.

15 LPA & 65 LPA

Average & Highest Salary respectively.

15 Weeks

Of live immersive hands-on training.

Our Alumni Work At

This Program is Best Suited For

Working Professionals

looking to transition into product roles from sales, testing, marketing, support, operations, business analysts, software development, consulting, program and project management.
We have ample alumni stories of successful transitions.

Chandan (cohort #2) transitioned from development (Commutatus) to product management (CRED)


looking to develop a product mindset for their own ventures & increases their chances of creating successful products. Get the process, mindset and support network for your success.
Entrepreneurs are often the first product managers in their startups.

Shailesh (cohort #7) founded Jumbaya & raised a seed round of $700K from AngelList.

Product Managers

looking to supercharge their careers with right mentorship, support and structured knowledge of product management. Many of our alumni have transitioned from APM and PM roles to Sr PM, Group PM and Product Leadership roles at companies like Microsoft, Freshworks, TATA etc.

Abhishek (cohort #2) transitioned from PM at NirogStreet to senior PM at WakeFit.

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Meet Our Alumni

Mansi Gupta
PM - Quintype Technologies

A balance of structured concepts and real world applications through connects with industry incumbents.

QA/Testing → Product Management
Mayank Joshi
APM - Imarticus

I'd strongly recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to get deeper into PM. Immense P2P learning with great mentors.

Sales → Product Management
Chetan Khunti
PM - SpotDraft

HelloPM instilled in me the core of product management. All the skills and mindsets required to be a PM were taught.

Development → Product Management
Chandan Reddy

It really helped me to 10X my PM knowledge. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is aspiring to be a PM.

Development → Product Management
Anish Manoharan
TPM - Helmut Global Germany

Participating in the program was a game-changer for me. It completely shifted my perspective on Product Management and how I approach challenges

Development → Product Management
Nisha Balmiki
PM - Micro

To anyone who wants to start a career or wants to upskill themselves in Product Management should consider HelloPM.

Customer Support → Product Management

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Why Choose HelloPM?

Curriculum Interview-Focused & Theoretical Content 360-degree curriculum covering all facets of Product Management including growth, analytics, UX, problem solving, execution, and technology.
Instructor Expertise Instructors often come from academic backgrounds with limited practical industry experience. Instructors are seasoned product leaders and entrepreneurs from top companies (MAANG, leading tech startups, top consulting firms), providing real-world insights and guidance.
1:1 Personalized Support Limited availability of personalized support. Built for personalized support through 1:1 calls, personalized assignment feedback, mocks, and tailored career roadmaps with mentors.
Community & P2P Learning Limited to Slack and email groups. Active WhatsApp, Slack, and email groups. Group assignments, offline & online events, and cross-cohort contests for peer-to-peer learning.
Hands-on, Practical Learning Limited to one course assignment/capstone project. 5 hands-on projects, a capstone project, and contests using real-world problems, facilitated by case studies, examples and 1:1 Feedback.
Post Completion Support Support for a period of one year through email and WhatsApp. Support for two years after program completion. Weekly live office hours and on-demand mentorship even after completing the program.
Offline Events & Meetups One immersive event per batch. Regular immersive events & networking sessions across the globe including major hubs like San Francisco, Delhi NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad.
Flexible Schedule Available in self-paced programs. Re-admission required in live programs. Made for the flexibility of working professionals. Transfer between cohorts without any charges. Regular office hours for doubts and help.
Industry Connects One-time connect after program completion. Industry connects throughout the programs through live sessions with top CXOs and founders. Case study contests with real companies. Strong alumni network across top product companies. Available during the program and two years post-completion.
Placement Assistance Limited to job boards and limited mock interviews. Resume review, portfolio creation, mock interviews with experts, & interview preparation. Profile sharing & recommendations to product companies and alumni network post-program completion.

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🔥 The most exhaustive & practical curriculum on product management. Period.

15 weeks of intensive learning in product management and growth. Learn the art of building and growing products that your users will love.

Week 1 and 2

Introduction to Product Management & Product Thinking

  • Learn about responsibilities and workflow for product roles in B2B v/s B2C, Startups v/s Enterprises.
  • Different types of Product Manager roles and Common myths about them.
  • Must have hard skills and soft skills for product management roles, how to learn and practice these.
  • The 6D product management process.
  • Product thinking and how to develop product sense.
  • Problem space v/s Solutions space.
  • How to suggest improvements to any product.
Case studies and examples from

Week 3, and 4

User & Market Research - Product Discovery

  • Learn how to discover, validate and articulate impactful user problems.
  • Finding product opportunities with surveys, user interviews and secondary research.
  • Converting the research into artifacts such as user personas, customer journey maps, and empathy maps.
  • Jobs to be done (JTBD), 5 Why, Form v/s Functions.
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Frameworks to learn about user needs and required innovation.
  • Competitive research & market analysis.
  • Porter's 5 forces to create a differentiated proposition.

Tools & Product covered

Case studies and examples from

Week 5, 6 and 7

Product Analytics

  • Important product metrics for various business types.
  • North star metrics.
  • How to decide the right metrics for any product & feature.
  • Event based tracking: User, Events, and Properties.
  • Optimizing User Flows.
  • Funnels.
  • Segmentation.
  • Cohort Analysis.
  • A/B Testing & Experimentation.
  • Actionable insights on improving your product with analytics.

Case studies and examples from

Tools & Products covered

Week 8 and 9

Product Roadmap & Execution

  • Product Strategy and Vision.
  • How to build your product roadmap.
  • OKRs (Objective and Key Results).
  • Prioritization with RICE and KANO.
  • Visual example of roadmap.
  • Product discovery and delivery.
  • Design thinking.
  • Agile, Scrum, and User Stories.
  • Release and analysis.
  • Stakeholder Management - Working with designers, developers, QAs, Sales, Marketing, Category Managers, Customer Support & Management/Senior Leadership.

Case studies and examples from

Tools & Product covered

Week 10, and 11

Growth, User Acquisition & Product Marketing

  • Product Led Growth.
  • How to solve growth and retention problems with product mindset.
  • Growth loops and Growth flywheels.
  • Customer Journey with AARRR (Pirate Framework).
  • Acquisition: Network Effects, Virality & Referrals.
  • Activation, Onboarding and creating Aha moments.
  • Building Retention in product with various business models.
  • Creating habit forming products with BJ Foggs Model.
  • Pricing strategies and business models.
  • Composition of Growth Teams.
Case studies and examples from

Week 12, and 13

Technology 101 for PMs

  • Need of Technology for Product Managers.
  • How internet works.
  • 3 Layer Architecture: Front-end, Databases & Backend.
  • Popular Tech Stacks: Google, Twitter, & Product Hunt.
  • Storage and Databases.
  • How to use SQL as a Product Manager.
  • APIs and Webhooks.
  • System Design of Popular Apps: Instagram & Youtube.
  • Technology behind Mobile Apps.
  • Git, GitHub and Deployment Management.
  • Introduction to Cloud Services & AI/ML product management.
  • Working well with Engineers.

Case studies and examples from

Tools & Products covered

Week 14 and 15

Getting into a PM role

  • How to break into Product Management from different backgrounds.
  • Crafting the perfect resume.
  • Optimizing Linkedin profile for Networking.
  • Common interview questions.
  • Product design questions.
  • Guesttimate questions.
  • Metrics questions.
  • Behavioral questions.
  • Product strategy questions.
  • Strategies for take home product assignment case studies.
  • Creating a product portfolio.
  • Negotiating job offers.
  • Product portfolio creation.
  • Expert resume review.
  • Interview practice on portal.
  • Mock interviews.


Design & Wireframing Tools

Figma, Whimsical &

Product Execution Management Tools

Jira & Asana

Product Analytics Tools

Google Analytics 4, Mixpanel & SQL

Bonus Module 1

UX and UI for Product Managers

  • Product design principles & best practices.
  • How to create wireframes and prototypes.
  • The Psychology behind successful products.
  • How to work effectively with designers.
  • How to practice product design teardowns.
Activities and Cases
  • Product Teardown on ChatGPT, Swiggy and Youtube.
  • Build Wireframes with Figma.
  • Design Critique Exercise.

Bonus Module 2

AI and ML for Product Managers

  • Fundamentals of LLMs, Vector Databases, and Other Tech Concepts
  • AI Product Development Life Cycle.
  • Creating your own AI Model and ChatBot.
  • End to end process of implementing AI in your products.
  • How to use AI for your productivity as a Product Manager.
Activities and Cases
  • How Generative AI Products like ChatGPT works.
  • Fine-tuning learning models at Meesho.
  • Create your own AI powered chatbot.

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Meet Your Instructors & Mentors

A highly curated pool of senior product leaders. Each of our mentors has atleast 7 years of experience.

Ankit Shukla
Previously in product & growth leadership roles at Scaler, INDmoney and SHEROES for 8 years.

Grown InterviewBit (Scaler) from 250K to 3.5Mn monthly active users in a year.
Grown INDMoney from 10K to 500k users in a year.

Will be leading the product thinking and growth modules in the program.
Gagan Mahajan
Currently working as a Director of Product Management at Meesho.

Built and scaled popular products such as Meesho Ecommerce, Grofers (now BlinkIT) and SHEROES from scratch to more than million users.

Will be taking sessions on product roadmaps, OKRs, working with different stakeholders and prioritization.
Naivedya Jain
Extensive experience of leading both B2B and B2C products in fintech space.

Worked at leading fintechs like PayTM and INDmoney as a product manager to create the lending vertical from scratch, generated leads worth more than USD 50mn in a single quarter.

Will be taking sessions on wireframing and PM tools.
Sugat Nayak
Currently working as a Product Manager at Meta (Facebook) - London.

Popular for his videos around cracking interviews at companies like Google, Uber, Amazon etc.

Sugat will lead the module on "Cracking into PM Roles".
Vennela Miryala
An entrepreneur and product leader. Worked in leadership product roles at Meesho, Lending Kart and Zaggle

Known for her solid user empathy and storytelling skills.

Vennella will be leading sessions on Story Telling for product managers, and user and market research.
Vishal Baghla
AVP product management at Ambition Box. 8+ years of product and data experience.

Setup data team and Led data product management at INDmoney and Alvarez in the past.

Will be taking sessions on Product Analytics.

Guest Mentors

Top product leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their journeys and challenges with community members in live sessions.

Vivek Bharadwaj
Product Management - Google, PayTM, Streamoid & Zomato.
Paras Chopra
Founder & Chairman - Wingify. Forbes 30 under 30.
Sanyal C.
Product Management - Amazon, PayTM, & Equitas
Gurucharan R.
Author | Senior Product Manager - Microsoft
Animesh Chandra
Senior Global Product Manager - Expedia
Mikul Patel
Product Management - Microsoft & BrowserStack.

✨ Learn from product leaders, who have been there and done that.

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Invest in Your Product Management Career

You get access to:

  • 70+ hours of live learning and mentorship from experts.
  • Exclusive access to community expert sessions and workshops.
  • Access to curated job board & 700+ alumni network.
  • Portfolio creation with over 5 projects and 1 capstone.
  • Mock Interviews, Resume Review, and Linkedin Profile Review.
  • Exhaustive Interview Prepration Module with question bank.
  • Hands-on learning of 6 product management tools.
  • 2 years access to weekly live office hours & all course contents.

Course Fees

15 Week Flagship Program ₹ 50,000/-
+ Taxes (GST @18%) ₹ 9,000/-
Total ₹ 59,000/-
✨ Pay as low as ₹ 6,500 per month with no cost EMI option.

For International Candidates
(Inclusive of taxes)
USD 850
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Get reimbursed from your employer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Step 1: Make sure you have read all the program details on this page.
Step 2: Use this link to submit your details for the application.
Step 3: You can now complete the payment or you can schedule a 1:1 counselling call with one of our mentors.

We enrol about 50 learners in a cohort.
The fees of the complete program will be INR 50,000/- plus 18% GST or USD 850 (for international students)
The fees can be paid in one of the three ways:
  1. No cost EMIs options for upto 9 months (About Rs 6500 per month).
  2. 2 instalments of Rs 25000/- in two months (Rs 29500/- inclusive of GST) (send a mail to avail this)
  3. Lumpsum amount of Rs 50,000 + 18% GST = 59000/-

Refund Policy: All the amount paid can be refunded within 10 days of commencement of the cohort by reaching out to

Live sessions will start from 4 August (Kick start session from 8 PM - IST).
Timing for regular live sessions will be 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Indian Standard Time, every Saturday and Sunday.
Yes. For people who are more aggresive about their transition and learning, we can open the access for all the recordings of our past cohorts to help them fast track their learnings.
Yes, we offer a certificate of completion once you finish all assignments and score above benchmarks.
We have a dedicated module for "Cracking into PM roles". In this module you will get
  1. Tips for Creating and optimizing your resume
  2. Sessions on product portolio creation
  3. Understanding on How to answer various product management interview questions
  4. Mock interviews
As our premium community contains more than 600 members working in product roles in different companies, we can also provide you with job referral opportunities.
You will also become a part of our slack group where we keep on sharing Product Management Opportunities.
Mentorship help and support will also continue after the program.
Yes, we have designed the program to make it suitable for full-time professionals. Sessions are conducted on weekends and can also be watched later through learning dashboard.
Yes you have to work harder than your normal week but isn't developing a strong product skillset worth the efforts?
You do not need to have any prior product or tech experience in order to enroll for the program. Apart from a strong desire to learn and willingness to be helpful to other around you, you should have a good internet connection to participate in the program.
All the cohort members are eligble for following benefits after the program completion:
1. Access to course materials (Live lectures, ppts, cheatsheets, write-ups etc.) for this and any related program we conduct in future.
2. Access to community events and masterclasses conducted time to time by HelloPM and its partners.
3. Access to slack community.
4. Access to product job board.
5. Availability based access to mentors.
6. Access to office hours every week where you can interact with mentors.
The program will be delivered primarily through live lectures (two sessions of 2-hours each on weekends), pre-reads, some videos and assignments. All live lectures will be recorded and made available on learning dashboard.
You will have access to all the recordings of the live lectures in your dashboard on the same day. There are many other opportunities to interact through other live events with our instructors and other fellow students.
You can bring all your questions to office hours which are conducted from 9 PM (IST) every Thursday.
Yes. This course doesn't needs prior experience in product roles(although that can be really helpful), if you are a student or fresher who is willing to work hard to get into product management, you should join this course to save hours of time with structured learning and expert mentorship.
Yes. During the live classes the instructor will be available to take any of your questions related to the topic. Instructors are also available on our slack group and office hours to help you with your queries and provide mentorship.
This is an outcome oriented, immersive program and requires you to commit about 12-15 hours every week.
4 Hours for attending the live sessions and additional 8-12 hours to complete reading material and assignments.
This is a proven outcome driven program. Almost all of our past candidates were able to transition, many of them have even recieved multiple offers from companies.
You can find our alumni here on this page, we have also included their linkedin profile to help you connect with them directly.
Please send an email to with your query.

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