Testimonials & Reviews

Mayank Joshi
I'd strongly recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to get deeper into PM. Course is well structured with small batch size. There's immense P2P learning with great mentors. One can undoubtedly go for it 💯

Mohini Prakash
The sessions were very interactive and insightful. The content of the sessions along with the assignments made the learning process very impactful.

Arshadeep Singh
The concise course structure as well as the interactive sessions make the concepts pretty clear.

Nishchay Jain
I still remember, How many second thoughts I had before joining the course. I used to feel whether I will able to dedicate myself fully towards the course, Whether I will able to manage Electrical Engineering and startups that I am working for.. but I decided to go all IN by paying the fees from my own money that I earned from my second-year internships so that I give my best. And Believe me, It is till date my best investment. Within 2 months of the course, My way of seeing problems completely changed. I recommend this course to every one of you. And Dont miss on Assignments, They are very well crafted. Thanks Ankit Shukla Naivedya Jain HelloPM ⚡

Chetan Khunti
Before transitioning into product management from being a software engineer I talked with a lot of folks from the industry. One common piece of advice I got was that it's too early for someone like you to get into product management with less than 2 years of experience. I challenged that with my conviction. I was pretty sure and confident about PMing then came HelloPM to support me in my journey. Ankit Shukla is a fantastic mentor. (one of the best I ever came across) The biggest advantage of HelloPM's course over other courses is the structure and coverage. They make sure that no stone remains unturned. The syllabus is very well structured and covers all aspects of Product Management. Apart from that, you'll get mentors like Ankit Shukla Naivedya Jain Gagan Mahajan Sugat Nayak for a lifetime. They'll try their best to help you and guide you in all possible ways. Anyone who is trying to switch to product management should check out this course.

Krishna Allani
Ankit is really a patient tutor who explains things with utmost clarity. This course has helped me to think from a product perspective. Each class is very detailed and gives insight into real-world cases. It covers every aspect of product management. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is trying to break into a product management role. Now I have an idea about what it takes to become a good PM. :) The best part is the assignment. They require critical thinking from our side

Assem Aishwarya
I joined HelloPM being amazed with the astonishing curriculum which covered the concepts required for the entire product lifecycle. The structure of the course is well designed and covers everything that one needs to know for being a Product Manager. The frameworks, tools and techniques taught in the course are pretty aligned to how Product Manager works and PM interview patterns.. It also helps to build the product mindset which is very crucial for any aspiring Product Manager. Along with these, the support for profile building, capstone project and interview tips makes you prepared for the product management roles. It really helped me transition from a technical role to being a Product Manager. I would highly recommend this course to someone who aspires to become a “great” Product Manager.
Soumya Tiwari
"The overall curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers all the aspects of the PM toolkit, the entire lifecycle of Product Management, starting from the very basics to the advanced level. Even a person who is naive in the PM world would easily understand the concepts taught in the class. The best part is, the instructors give you the flexibility to ask questions in between and wont move forward until all the doubts are clarified and of course. I can now vouch that Hello PM is the best thing that happened to me in 2021. I would like to thank all my mentors- Ankit, Naivedya and Gagan who brought a lot of experience to the table and shared their super insightful journey and lessons with us. "
Ramanan Subramnian
HTC Global
Hello PM offers well structured curriculum with hands-on learning, interactive classes, assignments, and projects. Ankit and his team provide accurate contents on product management.
Abhishek Mishra
I remember the days when I was struggling to change my job and being the first PM from startup I did not had the proper network and guidance. I was literally about to prepare for CAT exams then I came along in contact with Ankit Shukla sir on linkedin and after having a initial conversation, I started following his for learning about product management via his blogs and post on linkedin. And one day when I saw about HelloPM , I joined there 2nd Cohort, where I learned to apply theoretical learning like use of framework and insight in my day to day job and also how to be a better PM. Through my learning from HelloPM , not only I was able to crack my PM job interview but the HelloPM community also helped me with lots of PM problem solving and product strategy. HelloPM is not just a course but it is a community which is a support ecosystem for new PM.
Tamsha Mohanty
My journey of product management started with one Udemy course and then I came across HelloPM. After my 1:1 call with Ankit Shukla I got the confidence that though I don't hold an MBA degree or have a technical background I can still be a PM. It was my best decision to have enrolled for the program cause I have learnt alot throughout the journey starting from what is the role of a PM to understanding product thinking, design, roadmap, frameworks, metrics and so much more. I can't thank Ankit Shukla Naivedya Jain @gagan Sugat Nayak enough for every single effort that they have made:) Thank you guys.
Nisha Balmiki
I used to constantly doubt myself whether or not I’ll be able to transition into Product Management, as I belong to a non-tech background and nor do I have an MBA degree. But with each passing week I started noticing the improvised thinking of mine towards a product (thanks to all the assignments & 1:1 feedbacks). All of this became possible only with the guidance & teachings of the mentors Ankit Shukla Naivedya Jain and Gagan Mahajan of HelloPM. Thanks again, I couldn’t have done this without you! To anyone who wants to start a career or wants to upskill themselves in Product Management, should consider HelloPM.
Mudit Awasthi
Choosing HelloPM is the last choice of my career transition and last because I have already invested a lot in so called 'good courses' & 'certifications' in the market. After having a big experience in the same company for so long I could not give justice to my roles & responsibilities as a product manager, One thing was good and bad at same time is that I have a designation as a PM but my skills could not justify my years of experience.. One day I have started searching for good PM course, but nothing satisfied me as a job seeker. Then I came across HelloPM and here my search ends. I spoke to Ankit Shukla for an hour but every minute I ask him for the job, and I must say I got the hidden answer in his reply and that is they will be there in my transition journey indirectly assuring me for the job. And finally I have an offer in hand from Cognizant with very good hike and that is from the first interview after joining HelloPM. So I think I found HelloPM lucky for me. Thanks to Ankit Shukla, Naivedya Jain and his team who has assured my capabilities and way of thinking as a PM. And now I must say that choosing HelloPM is the best choice I have ever made in my life.
Vivek Reghunathan
The cohort and course has given me knowledge and practical approach to shift to product management. I have transitioned to a product management role from a sales role.
Aravind Ravichandran
PM journey with Ankit Shukla is definitely a wise decision :)
Rohan Deshpande
The course content is bang on, the instructors know their stuff perfectly and provide multiple real-life examples and scenarios. The case studies explained are relevant to the topic we are studying. Ankit Shukla designs the Cohort in a way to include people from different roles and domains so we get a mix of experience and point of views. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody interested in learning everything about Product Management.
Erfan Afthab
The HelloPM PM course has helped me learn the PM concepts in greater detail and also realize the areas that I need more focus on in terms of improving. When enrolling to the course, my objective was to give the umpteen content that I consume on different platforms a structure and to demistify some of the frameworks and concepts. The HelloPM mentors have been able to help me get the clarity I wanted. This course can be taken by anyone who wants to get it started and then pivoted into direction of continuous learning. Thanks to the team. It is live classes and the support that the team provides.
Saran Raju
Seven One
I am part of HelloPM cohort 6. The knowledge and experience I am gaining from this program is insane. • Well crafted program. • Super good case studies and exercises(individual and group). • Interactive classes This program is highly recommended.
Sudhakar Voleti
SAP Labs
The more practical way to learn PM is to join with these guys.
Palash Navlani
Amazing learning experience!! It is great fun to learn new things through various case studies and real time examples. Ankit Shukla keeps the interactivity of the cohort on its peak which inturn builds great and positive enery in the class. Looking forward to a lot of these sessions. Kudos to the hellopm team!!
I joined the Hello PM beta program. Ofcourse it was leap of faith. Few weeks in the program and it already feels like one of the best decisions I took in my professional career. Well structured program, interactive sessions, real life examples and extremely approachable instructor are the key highlights of the program. Most certainly you never get bored. Highly recommended for someone looking to get into product management.”
Abhishek Soni
Being a part of the HelloPM Cohort, I get to develop a Product mindset, ponder 5WH about being a PM and learn what this field is about. It's not just limited to concepts while being a part of the Cohort, I was simultaneously applying my understanding in my internship, which took both my performance & knowledge to the next level. Even after Cohort, Ankit & Gagan has always helped me. Highly recommended for someone looking to get into the PM field.
Diella Zuhdiyani
Binar Academy
When I saw the curriculum and how the class is delivered in a cohort-based and live, I had no doubts to join. During the classes, the way Ankit taught the materials in such depth and always provided the relevant contexts and cases helped me a lot in my domain as a Product Marketer. Not only that, other folks in the cohort made the classes a lot more lively with engaged discussions and critical questions.
Milan Mohanty
I am part of the beta cohort, but Ankit has left no room for it to be anything less than a well organized professional course. We have live examples from Ankit's own experience and our understanding of the topic, that makes the sessions interesting. Every session there is something new to learn or you question the things that you thought you already knew.
Chandan Reddy
I’ve been part of HelloPM’s beta cohort, and it really helped me to 10x my knowledge in product management. At first, I wasn’t sure how this cohort would differ from other existing courses online, but Ankit made it totally worth it by sharing his real life experiences and examples of Indian context. The learnings from the cohort have also thought me a structured approach to solve problems. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s aspiring to be a PM.
Chetan Raithatha
I'm glad to announce that I've joined Vidyakul as a Product Manager. Thank you Tarun Saini and Raman Kumar for providing this opportunity. I'd also like to extend my gratitude to HelloPM with a special thanks & shoutout to Ankit Shukla for their wonderful PM cohort which helped me enhance my knowledge of Product Management. Looking forward to the journey ahead at Vidyakul
Aishwarya Jain
I was looking for a structured approach towards product growth and Hellopm provided just that. The sessions are well structured and Ankit has tried to incorporate real life cases to make learning easier. The mentors are very approachable and session delivery is on point. Don't think twice if you want to crack into a product role.
Ravi Ranjan
Ankit (Hello PM) always presents the modules in a very neat, well-organized, and detailed syllabus including many practical aspects of product management with problem solving approach. In the completed Modules, I have learned about the role & responsibility, the product life cycle, product thinking fundamentals, market research, user persona and experience, product lead growth and a lot more.
Zeeshan Anjum
This program is helping me to sharpen my skills in product management. The structure of the course is very well planned, that is helping us to get a very holistic view of product management.
Ayush Khanna
The richness of the content. This really widened my horizon when it came to the components of Product Management.
Mansi Bhati
GTM Buddy
This entire course helped me in getting new job and gave me confidence to sit in the interview. I have already recommended few of my friends to join. I have got the learning from the most supportive and amazingly talented people from product fraternity.
Nipun Parikh
Joining HelloPM is one of the best decisions I have taken. I have learned the A to Z of product management and understood what it takes to become one. The tutors do a great job of explaining the concepts well and make sure you have no doubts. Practical case studies, assignments and live interactive classes prepare you well. I would highly recommend anyone aspiring to be a product manager should join HelloPM. Assistance by tutors to crack the interviews and most importantly how to apply for the jobs. Apart from that, all teaching material is excellent.
Pavan Dasari
This is a great program for someone who is planning to transition to a Product Manager role. Personally, my thought process has changed from a dev mindset to a Product mind set. The real-world Product examples helped me understand Product Management easily even though I do not have a Product background. The frameworks helped me drive most of my interviews in a positive direction. The 1:1 sessions with the instructors was also very helpful in communicating the pain points.
Vasant Desikan
Rubrik Inc.
Found this program to be very good offering practical solutions to Product Management problems. I especially found it useful, since I come from B2B world I learnt a lot regarding the B2C space, fintech, etc. The course was more on practical addressing at real life issues and not just theory. This stood out.
Abhinav Jain
Very well structured, very interactive and personalised for us. A small cohort which led to better understanding by asking your questions directly
Srikiran Bandhakavi
Fannie Mae
I believe this is a great program for anyone who wants to get into Product Management and as well for professionals who have experience but want to fill the gaps in there knowledge especially preparing for interviews for Senior PM roles.
Pushpanjali Mitra
Thomson Reuters
The sessions were wonderful and the real life examples and references helped me understand how actually a PM's day looks like. All the topics taught were very apt and helped me inculcate product sense and product thinking.
Tabitha Bhaskar
The program is very well structured and comprehensive. The trainers are knowledgeable and industry specific case studies are discussed at length.
Prachi Kiraula
This program has helped me a lot for interview preparations as well as now I know how a product manager works and what all things are required. Now I feel more confident after attending the sessions. The best part is that I can refer to the recordings any time. The technical lectures were the best.
Harika Karanam
HelloPM improved my confidence and knowledge in product management. This program helped me to develop a product mindset and to have a structured approach to solve problems. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is aspiring to be a PM.
Arabinda Narayan Das
HelloPM was a truly transformative experience. The program was comprehensive, insightful, and packed with valuable knowledge and practical tools that I was able to immediately apply to my work.
One of the things that impressed me most about the program was its focus on hands-on learning. We were able to work on real-world case studies and projects that enabled us to apply the concepts and techniques we learned in a practical, real-world setting. This approach not only made the learning more engaging but also made it easier to retain and apply the knowledge we gained.
What truly stood out for me was the sense of community and support that the program fostered. I was able to connect with other product managers from different industries and backgrounds, and the networking opportunities were invaluable.
Overall, I would highly recommend HelloPMs Product Management Program to anyone looking to take their product management skills to the next level. It was an enriching and rewarding experience that has already helped me to become a more effective and successful product manager.