Technology for Product & Business Folks

The 6 week intensive bootcamp to enhance your technical knowledge, communicate well with tech teams and crack tech interviews with confidence
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Next Cohort Starting from 21 February

6 Weeks

of Intensive Learning

10 Live

and Interactive Sessions

8 Hours

of Commitment Every Week

2 Years

of Support and Content Access

This program will help you Become More Technical, Understand Tech Lingo, and Get Ahead in Your Career.

Himanshu Bajaj
Senior Consultant

Well structured and well delivered with key concept coverage and practical examples.

Vinyas Rao
Marketing Associate

It's a CS degree in a sprint. I learnt critical technology aspects to be a PM and now confident to handle the responsibilities.

Sujith Nair
Vice President

Program is very good to understand the technical landscape the PM has to go through when building a product.

Abhishek Kumar
Product Manager
Ripple Hire

My experience with the program is great . At the start of the program i had no knowledge on the technical things. But now i can atleast confidently talk with the engineers.

Rashmi Ghosh
Product Manager

I loved this small but exhaustive course because now I can really understand how the tech side architecture is built and I cannot tell you the sense of achievement I had when I could communicate with full-stack developers in my current company.

Anjal Haroli
Senior Product Manager

The program gives a decent level view of technology to product and business folks.

Helps in having intelligent conversations with engineering and leadership

Saubhik Bhaumik
Founder Office

My experience was excellent. Got to know the technical know hows being from non-cs domain!

Chinmay Kumar
Program Manager

Overall experience was good. I would highly recommend to the PMs who want to develop a base for technology

Rahul Panjwani
Associate Product Manager
TVS Credit Services

The program is well designed and organised. This is highly recommended and beneficial for Aspiring Product Managers, Associate / Product Managers.


🔥 6 Weeks of Intensive Live Learning followed by exhaustive resource library to help you become more confident with technology

Week 1 & 2

Introduction to Internet Technologies

  • How the internet works
  • Client, DNS. Server, & IP Addresses
  • 3 Tier Architecture

Technology Stacks & Popular Technologies

  • Front-end, Back-end and Databases
  • Introduction to Technology Stacks
  • Popular Technology Stacks

Understanding Databases

  • Database Schemas - Creating Linkedin Database Together
  • Writing and Running SQL Queries
  • SQL v/s NO SQL
  • Cache with Redis
Examples, Cases and Tools:

Week 3 & 4

APIs and Webhooks

  • How APIs work
  • Major Components of APIs
  • API Product Management
  • How to use Postman to test APIs

System Design

  • High Level v/s Low Level System Design
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Content Delivery Networks

Cloud 101

  • Types of Cloud Services
  • Popular Cloud Providers
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Examples, Cases and Tools:

Week 5 & 6

Working with Engineering Teams

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Agile and Scrum in Practise
  • Getting better at Software Timeline Estimation
  • How to work well with Engineers

Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Evolution of AI and Top Developments
  • How ChatGPT works - Primer into Large Language Models
  • How to think about AI in your product strategy. Examples from Notion, Quora, Khan Academy

Preparing for Technical Interview Rounds

  • 5 Types of Technical Questions
  • Common Scenarios and How to Answer
  • How to Prepare for Technical Interview Questions
Examples, Cases and Tools:

Bonus Module [New]

  • How Product Analytics tools like Google Analytics/Mixpanel Work
  • Introduction to No Code Tools
  • Mobile Development Technologies
Examples, Cases and Tools:

✨ Supercharge your technical acumen

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Meet Your Instructors & Mentors

A highly curated pool of senior tech product leaders. Each of our mentors has atleast 8 years of experience in Technology Product Management Roles.

Ankit Shukla
Previously in product & growth leadership roles at Scaler, INDmoney and SHEROES for 8 years.

Led data and tech intensive products at InterviewBit (Scaler), INDmoney and SHEROES.
Naivedya Jain
Previously in Tech Product Management at INDmoney, Oxane and PayTM for 8 years.

Currently leading multiple AI/ML initiatives at Walmart.
Vennela Miryala
An entrepreneur and product leader. Worked in leadership product roles at Meesho, Lending Kart and Zaggle.

Subject Matter Expert in No-code & Natural Language Processing.

✨ Learn from tech product leaders, who have been there and done that.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This bootcamp will be particularly helpful for product managers, business analysts, program managers, product marketers and people from non-tech background who want to build a tech acumen, cordinate well with tech teams and crack technical interview rounds.

Program Duration: 6 Weeks

Starting from: 21 February 2024

Live Session Timings: 8 PM to 9:30 PM (IST), Wednesday and Sunday on Zoom

Note: Recordings of the sessions will be available along with all the resources (slides, reading, videos, cases etc.).

Yes "Certification of Completion" will be awarded.
Participants who complete the course assigment and quizzes will get the "Certification of Merit".
For Candidates from India:
Total Fees: Rs 15000/-
Early Bird Offer: Rs 10000/-

For Candidates Outside India:
Total Fees: USD 250
Early Bird Offer: USD 150

The fees is inclusive of all taxes and 18% GST.
You should be able to dedicate about 8 hours per week. 3-4 hours for live/recorded sessions and 4 hours for self study from our resources.
Please send us your query through email by clicking here.

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