How to expense HelloPM courses

You can get reimbursed for your course fees at HelloPM from your current employer

Many companies offer an Learning & Development or education budget that covers the cost of our courses. We provide several ways to help you get your course reimbursed.
Many cohorts members have benefitted from this in the past.

Get your HelloPM Invoice

After you enroll in a course, you can request an invoice for your course purchase. You can forward this invoice directly to your organization for reimbursement. Please reach out at if you need help adding custom information, such as your company name, GSTIN and address.

Certificate of completion

Once you complete a course, we will email you a certificate of completion that proves you completed the course. Your name, course details, and HelloPM Credentials will be included on your certificate. The certificate can be verified online. Here is an example:

Email template

You can use this ready-made email template to ask for approval from your manager.

Hello {manager},

There’s a course on Modern Product Management that I’d love to enroll in. It’s a live, online course with peers who are in similar roles to me, and it’s hosted at HelloPM, where 1000+ folks from companies like Google, Microsoft, CRED, Amazon, Freshworks, and Visa have upskilled quickly and efficiently with a strong focus on practical knowledge.

Few details about the program:

  • Direct access to top mentors, through live sessions and mentorship sessions teaching the course
  • Hands-on working sessions to test new tactics and ideas
  • The latest thinking in the space on how to the problems we are facing at work

I anticipate being able to put my learnings directly into practice during the course. After the course, I can share the learnings with the team so our entire team levels up.

The course costs {amount here}. If you like, you can review course details here, including the instructor’s bio: {link to program you are interested in}

Let me know.

{Your Name}

P.S. Other teams have sent a few people to the course together because it’s an efficient way to get the shared context that otherwise takes back-and-forth time to build. It might make sense for us to send a few folks to this course.

Enjoy the course!

This template is used successfully by many of our participants. Investing in yourself with a HelloPM course is a powerful way to accelerate your career, and we hope your company agrees. If you need help, please email