Curated Summaries of Top Recommended Product Management Books

Books are great! They give you a detailed view into the minds of great thinkers within a much shorter period.

However, it still takes a substantial effort and commitment to read, internalize, and practice what is written in a book.

Today, in this collective, we will share the top recommended books for product managers, and their summaries curated from the best resources.

Note: While these summaries do a great job of giving a glimpse of major learnings of the program, they cannot be an alternative to reading the book itself. Please consider these summaries only as a trailer to decide if you are curious enough to read the whole book.

Let’s go!

Top recommended books for product managers

CategoryName of the bookLinks
User Empathy and Customer ResearchMOM’s TestSummary
The Design of Everyday ThingsSummary
Critical ThinkingThinking Fast and SlowSummary
Super ThinkingSummary
Business SenseThe Lean StartupSummary
What the CEO wants you to knowSummary
Technology 101Tech SimplifiedSummary
Swipe to UnlockSummary
General Product ManagementInspiredSummary
Escaping the Build TrapSummary
The Lean Product PlaybookSummary
Leadership and Collaboration7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleSummary
The Making of a ManagerSummary
Start with WhySummary
Interviews and CareerDecode and ConquerSummary
Cracking the PM CareerSummary
Behavioral & PsychologyHookedSummary
Atomic HabitsSummary

Go ahead, and read these curated summaries 1 by 1, each day, and I am sure, at the end of 18 days your product mindset will you at an entirely different level.