Technology for Product Managers – Free Course

Product management is one of the most sought-after job roles in these modern times.

But can someone without a computer science degree or sound technology background become a product manager?

In this product management bootcamp we discussed in detail all the important concepts a product manager is supposed to know and excel at.

Before we could dive deeper into the content, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about technology for product managers

Do product managers need to know technology?
Yes, if you are looking to work for a tech-based company, you need essential tech knowledge to know your product well and be able to collaborate well with your engineers. The Good news is this program contains almost everything you need to get that essential knowledge.

Do product managers need to know how to code?
No, almost none of the companies require product managers to code, that not a part of your role.

What technologies, tech skills do you need to be a product manager?
While exact skills depend on the job and the company, the following are considered important skills that could help you in your role as a product manager: SQL, Basics of system design, how the internet works, API (Application program interface), Webhooks, how mobile apps work, development life cycle, how engineering teams work, databases, file storage methods, various cloud services, etc.

What technical tools should a product manager know?
Although tools depend on the specific companies and teams you are working with, the essential tools could be:
1. SQL interface tools: Redash, Mode, Metabase, BigQuery.
2. API testing tools: Postman, chrome, or firefox developer tools.
3. Development flow tools: Git, GitHub, Jira, Asana, etc.

Now let’s go through the recordings from the free live program:

Phase 1

Session 0: Kick-Off Call

⬇️ Slides

Session 1: Why to learn technology as a Product Manager & How the Internet Works

⬇️ Slides
✍🏽 Jamboard
📚 Book recommendation: Swipe to unlock.
⭐️ Learn CS: Harvard’s CS50
⭐️ Inspiring Product Management Stories: Behind every great product
⭐️ How internet works
⭐️ Front-end v/s Backend

Session 2: Tech Stacks and Databases

⬇️ Slides
✍🏽 Jamboard
⭐️ Draw SQL App
⭐️ Learn Basics of HTML, JS, CSS here:
⭐️ SQL for product managers

Session 3: APIs and Webhooks

⬇️ Slides
✍🏽 Jamboard
⭐️ Freshworks API
⭐️ Freshworks Webhook Documentation

Session 4: Assignment and QnA

⬇️ Slides

Phase 2

Session 1: SQL for Product Managers

⬇️ Slides
⭐️ SQL Schema for SQL Fiddle
⭐️ SQL for Product Managers

Session 2: System Design 101 for Product Managers

⬇️ Slides.
✍🏽 Jamboard.
⭐️ Common Algorithms for load balancers.
⭐️ Cache strategies.

Session 3: Cloud 101 for Product Managers

⬇️ Slides

Session 4: Git, GitHub & How Engineering Teams Work

⬇️ Slides
⭐️ Assignment and other details

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