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How to Transition from a Sales or a Business Development Role to a Product Manager

The transition from a sales or a business development role to product management is an increasingly common path that can […]

Lesson from my journey of becoming product manager ft. Muzammil Iqbal | PM

Introduction Join Muzammil Iqbal, Product Manager at, as he takes us through his journey of becoming a product manager […]

The transition from a QA to a Product Manager role, An insightful journey of how to become a product manager from QA

Introduction Mansi Gupta shares her transition from being QA to becoming a product manager at Quintype Technologies. Originally, she studied […]

The transition from Key Account Manager to Product Manager. How to transition into product management?

Introduction Vivek is our Alumni, and moving forward he shares his remarkable journey from an electronics engineering background then working […]

Transition From Sales to Product Management: A Journey of Insights and Success | ft. Jubair Akhtar

Introduction In an engaging interview with HelloPM, Zubair our Alumni and now a senior product manager, shares his remarkable journey […]

From Non-Tech to Product Management: Tamsha Mohanty’s Inspiring Journey and Insights

Introduction Tamsha Mohanty is our alumni, a Product Manager (Content Specialist) at INSAID, shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from […]