From Non-Tech to Product Management: Tamsha Mohanty’s Inspiring Journey and Insights


Tamsha Mohanty is our alumni, a Product Manager (Content Specialist) at INSAID, shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from a non-tech background to a successful product manager. She discovered the world of product management while researching career options and overcame initial barriers by seeking advice and leveraging platforms like HelloPM. Let’s hear her story and what she had to share with us when we hosted her.

We hosted Tamsha Mohanty as our Alumni of The Week, and she shared amazing insights on how she was able to get 5 product role interviews coming from non-tech background

Discovering Product Management

Tamsha, coming from a non-tech background in mass communication and advertising, stumbled upon product management while researching career options in booming industries. Intrigued by the role, she sought advice from friends in tech companies and ultimately landed a position as a Content Product Specialist at INSAID.

Overcoming Barriers

Initially, Tamsha faced challenges due to her arts background not aligning with the stereotypical image of a product manager. However, her desire to work on products and solve problems propelled her to explore platforms like HelloPM, which eventually facilitated her successful transition to a product manager role.

Breaking Stereotypes

Tamsha debunks the notion that coming from a tier-one college is a prerequisite for becoming a product manager. Instead, she stresses the importance of problem-solving skills and identifying market gaps. Open-mindedness and a willingness to learn new skills are crucial for individuals transitioning from non-tech backgrounds.

Importance of Practical Approach and Engagement

In the journey towards becoming a product manager, Tamsha emphasizes the significance of preparedness and accountability in online learning sessions. Assignments are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, and active participation in the community is essential for successful preparation.

Mastering Foundation Concepts

She shares her experience in preparing for product management roles, including completing assignments, securing interviews with multiple companies, and tracking numerous individuals. She stresses the importance of building a strong foundation in concepts, engaging in regular self-study, and effectively representing skills and experiences during interviews.

Key Interview Questions

Tamsha highlights the significance of preparing answers to key interview questions, such as “What is your favorite product?” She emphasizes the importance of considering the company’s problem-solving goals and approaching the question from a user experience perspective. Additionally, she advises being well-prepared to introduce oneself effectively, leveraging educational background and experience.

Problem-Solving and Prioritization

She also shares insights into problem-solving approaches, emphasizing the importance of understanding, clarifying, breaking down, prioritizing, and finding solutions. She stresses the use of frameworks and prioritization in day-to-day product management work. Aspiring product managers are advised to work on application concepts, showcase leadership abilities, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum.

Continuous Learning

Tamsha encourages individuals to constantly learn and develop particular concepts and tools relevant to product management. Reflecting on her journey, she expresses a desire to have been less skeptical and more focused on building her own product posts and undertaking additional projects.

We hope that Tamsha’s journey gave you a sneak peek into how even from an arts background you can kickstart your journey as a product manager. All you need is guidance from an expert and a structured approach

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