Lesson from my journey of becoming product manager ft. Muzammil Iqbal | PM @Sync.com


Join Muzammil Iqbal, Product Manager at Sync.com, as he takes us through his journey of becoming a product manager and shares valuable insights in this insightful video summary. From effective communication and product thinking to navigate the B2B space and the benefits of the HelloPM program, Muzammil offers practical advice for aspiring product managers. Discover the importance of customer focus, resume optimization, and standing out in interviews. Explore the significance of prioritization, planning, and reflection in managing workload effectively.

We hosted Muzammil Iqbal as our Alumni of The Week, and he shared amazing insights on how he was able to excel at PM roles at various organizations. Also, how HelloPM was helpful in the journey.

Daily Schedule and Journey to Product Management

Muzammil shares his typical daily schedule as a product manager, highlighting the importance of different activities. He spends a significant portion of his time in meetings, focusing on refining the product roadmap, managing the backlog, and conducting user interviews. Muzammil traces his journey from a business analyst role, where he discovered agile product roles, to eventually landing a product owner position. This experience eventually led him to his current role as a product manager at Sync.com.

Working in B2B Space and important skills

Muzammil delves into the differences between working in the B2B and D2C spaces. He emphasizes that in the B2B space, there is a fixed set of customers, allowing for the identification of stakeholders and their specific needs. Effective communication emerges as the most crucial skill for a product manager, as it serves as the foundation for building relationships, understanding customer requirements, and aligning with cross-functional teams.

HelloPM Program and Essential Skills for Aspiring Product Managers

He also shares his positive experience with the HelloPM program, highlighting its comprehensive curriculum and the skills it taught him. The program goes beyond his expectations by providing knowledge in areas such as customer research, marketing, and competitive analysis. He emphasizes the importance of having a customer-focused approach and developing strong product thinking skills, which involve looking at everything from a product perspective and conducting a thorough analysis to gain a deeper understanding.

Importance of Customer Focus and Team Collaboration

Customer focus is paramount in product management. He stresses the significance of regularly engaging with customers to understand their product usage and the challenges they face. Additionally, he emphasizes the need to strike a balance between guiding the development team and giving them enough freedom to exercise their expertise. Trust between the product manager and the development team is essential for successful collaboration.

How Prioritization and Planning plays a role

He delves deeper into the critical aspect of prioritization. He advises product managers to assess tasks and identify those that provide the most leverage. Planning and reflection play pivotal roles in prioritization, enabling product managers to allocate their time and resources efficiently. Having too many tasks on one’s plate underscores the importance of effective prioritization. By adopting clear quarter plans and maintaining detailed to-do lists, product managers can effectively manage their workload.

We hope that Muzammil’s journey gave you a sneak peek into how an individual can develop the skillsets of a PM and the essentials dos and don’t for a PM. All you need is a structured approach, a community that can help, and a mindset.