Product Management For Entrepreneurs – Recordings, Resources and Pre-reads

This is the repository of all the essential resources, recordings, and pre-reads for HelloPM’s product management for entrepreneurs program.

The program was conducted from 1st Sept to 11th Sept 2022.

Download Quick Summary Here: Notes – Product Management for Entrepreneurs

Kickoff and Onboarding sessions:

In this session we talked about:

  1. How to get the best from the Product Management for Entrepreneurs Program
  2. Created buddy groups
  3. If you are someone watching this as recorded series, you can choose to skip this session.

Pre-reads for the session

  1. First principles for product managers
  2. Only thing that matters
  3. 50+ free resources for product managers
  4. Building products

Complete Session Recording

Session Slides: Presentation – Kickoff Session

Session 2: Introduction to Product Thinking

In this session we talked about:

  1. Product thinking
  2. Product and solution space
  3. 5 steps to product thinking

Pre-reads for this session:

  1. Product thinking
  2. Product Market Fit
  3. Jobs to be done
  4. SuperHuman PMF story
  5. Hotjar Growth story
  6. Moms test

Complete Session Recording:

Session 3 : The Product Management Process

In this session we talked about:

  1. Best practices for product managers
  2. 6D program management process
  3. OKRs
  4. Stakeholder Management for product managers
  5. Prioritization with the ICE framework

Pre-reads for this session:

  1. Product Discovery at Meesho
  2. Working backward at Amazon
  3. OKRs

Session Recording:

Session 4 : Product Growth

In this session we discussed:

  1. What is product growth?
  2. Why should PMs care about growth?
  3. AARRR Framework
  4. Growth Loops
  5. Acquisition, Retention and Onboarding Strategies
  6. 3 Things common to all growth stories

Pre-reads for this session:

  1. AARRR
  2. Rise of product growth manager
  3. Growth loops
  4. Network Effects

Session Recording:


Pick any two products of your choice from Product Hunt.

Figure out –

  • How do you bring people to your door?
  • How do you get them to the AHA moment quickly?
  • How do you make sure they come back as often as possible?

Session 5: Product Management Frameworks

In this session we talked about:

  1. Product Market Fit pyramid
  2. HEART framework
  3. Funnels and AARRR
  4. BJ Foggs model for creating behaviours
  5. Eisenhower metrics

Session Recording:

Session 6: Concluding Session

In this session we talked about:

  1. Revision of all the sessions so far.
  2. When and How to hire early PMs.
  3. Stakeholder management with Marketing, Sales, Developers and Designers as a product manager.

Session Recording: