Testimonials & Reviews

Aaqib Mohammed Sali
Before I joined HelloPM, I honestly had no idea what Product Management was. And now, I’m almost towards the end of the program and the amount of exposure that I’ve gotten to the world of Product Management is immense! I’ve been able to study the end-to-end of being a PM starting from conducting user research properly and all the way to tracking the minute metrics. The list goes on and on. I would highly suggest this program to anyone who’s new to the PM world like me. Best of luck for your PM journey! πŸš€
Ashutosh Mishra
I have been a part of the September Cohort & would gladly accept the fact that Hello PM has contributed significantly to my understanding of the PM domain. This has been an enchanting experience wherein I have been acquainted with one of the best planned curriculum & top class mentors. To kickstart & get deep diving into the world of PM, I would highly recommend people to join & be a part of this exciting journey.πŸš€ The modules , presentations & case studies are a force to reckon with.I have been in this journey for the past 4 months now & it has been nothing short of magical.
Saroj Parmar
I have already enrolled in the Cohort 21 batch and I am taking all the lessons offline with my own pace but mind you they have the BEST in-detailed course you can ever find at current times. Not a single doubt of yours can be unresolved at the end of the class. If anyone who is looking into PM training, should definitely reach out to this course. It will change your entire outlook on how with ease they explain everything.
Sarang Ponkshe
#HelloPM I am part Cohort 20. After I joined HELLO PM I was able to understand what goes behind making a product. It has been an enriching and great experience. It’s has a great group of folks who teach and foster a community which grows and builds together. I would highly recommend this to everyone who’s interested in learning more about Product Management space. Ankit Shukla Thank You for being a great mentor to so many of us.
Sunil Kumar
One of the best platform in Product Management, where the skills are developed through different activities & exercises from the very beginning. Also this platforms helps to learn, share & growth together by participating in projects , mentorship from experienced panels from top organisations. Networking with like minded-open to all -provides more transparency & engagement -which results in learning and approaching opportunities. #HELLOPM #PM #learningjourney #learngrowsucceed
Kunal Agrawal
Thrilled with my experience at HelloPM! The Product Management training exceeded my expectations, offering comprehensive insights into industry best practices. The engaging curriculum, expert instructors, and practical exercises truly enhanced my skills. HelloPM is a game-changer for anyone aspiring to excel in Product Management. Highly Recommended.
Aparna (Liza) Prasad
I am currently enrolled in the cohort 23 and let me tell you, this was the highlight of my whole 2023 and the major turn to finally getting in product management. It did not just built the skills but also realised how some of my soft skills actually were key to be a better product manager.
Rashmi Rekha Das
I would give HelloPM a 5-star rating. Enrolling in HelloPM provided me with a clear understanding of how project management works and its importance. The modules are not only easy to grasp but also packed with the latest information. Ankit Shukla and his team are consistently available to offer assistance.
Navinkumar N
First and foremost I should start from the communication as the way Ankit Shukla Vennela Miryala you take through the modules are very comprehensive and with real time examples. I personally feel very much happy, that I start to experience by gaining knowledge on Product Management by executing it in my workplace. On another note, you guys are not stopping only with just teaching whereas PM is not about learning, and it is also involves with expereincing, you also ask us to present the assignments in group which is again adding value to what we learn. While presenting, we get lot of insights about our assignment from Ankit Shukla which helps us to move aheqad and implement those feddback in our next assignments as well. Regarding Office Hours, which I am not able to take part due to my office timings, however I try and attend in the coming days. This is my first course with Product Management and I am part of Cohort 18. Thanks once again to Ankit Shukla & Vennela Miryala
Anupriya Dubey
As a university student with a deep interest in product management, I wasn not quite sure how I could learn the various skills that are required. HelloPM 15 week product management bootcamp has been a incredible support in my journey in learning about product management. The lecture sessions are very detailed, and the mentors all go above and beyond to assist each person with their learning. Being able to also practice the various skills through assignments and get prompt feedback on my work, has also been very helpful. Each of the weekly modules are very well thought out and designed. As a member of cohort 17, I have had an incredible journey so far, and look forward to the coming weeks of the rest of the program. Thank you so much HelloPM!
Aashita Kapoor
An incredibly helpful and comprehensive program, it is empowering me to grow more confident with product management with each passing day. The up-to-date assignments, real life examples and interactive sessions have been game-changers in my learning journey. πŸš€
Pooja Desai
I am part of cohort 18 .it is best decision to join hellopm after doing extensive research. course structure is very well design. Feel more confident after each session. Real time assignments ,feedback session, expert session ,mentorship have been useful in my learning journey
Guru Muhilan
Joining HelloPM has been my best decision in recent times. A holisitic approach to Product Management, a lot of knowledge transfer, a lot of upskilling through engaging assignments and a whole lot of warmth and camaraderie of our HelloPM community. Cheers to Ankit Shukla and team for the new cohort!! πŸŽ‰
Akansha S.
Very helpful and structured program with highly interactive sessions. It is helping me gain confidence towards my transitioning journey in product management. Loads of resources to learn shared by Ankit Shukla and HelloPM team ✨
Rahul U.
There are daily learning opportunities, excellent courses, mentorship support, valuable project experiences, and assignments designed to promote PM thinking. Ankit Shukla and the entire HelloPM team have put in amazing efforts!
Shalu Jha
Highly recommended and engaging content with experienced trainers. Loving the program so far! Great efforts Ankit Shukla and HelloPM team!!
Raj Kushwaha
It is really nice to be part of cohort. This really adds value to ones goal of becoming Product guy or have Product Thinking in a structured way. It is all about mindset & way of thinking. Some have few traits naturally with them and some have to learn the fundamentals. This program helps both as it involves all practical knowledge sharing and learning by doing along with peers. And of course mentors are doing great job in terms of how they are delivering this program. πŸ‘
Vinay Pattanashetti
Here is why you should consider HelloPM: Structured approach; it is such a curated cohort based course! Practical assignments; and feedback for every assignment(Commendable thing). And you always learn more and more from each and every assignment, whether it is in the form of depths, approach, innovation or creativity. Since its cohort based, we will also learn from our peers, through assignments and discussion, in fact I have learnt a lot of things from the network.
Preety Goswami
It is one of the best platform to learn the ABC of the PM role. The program is structured in such a way that step by step you reach closer in knowing the in and out of this profile. With real time examples it makes the picture even more clear and the assignments give us an opportunity to get the real experience of the different tools and framework. Kudos to hellopm team.
Sathyavikneshbalan S
So far feel it as a good choice for PM course. Guys who are taking the classes are doing commendable job, lessons are well taught with great insights. Common challenge with weekend courses, sometimes we feel disconnected and with few weeks gap, it is quite tough to catch up the momentum. Overall learningwise, it is going gud and enjoying the classes.
Sithara Nair
Being a part of such a carefully crafted course has been such a delight. We gain valuable practical hands-on experience here, which broadens our perspective on product management and the best aspect of the service is also the personal attention provided to the people, which makes them feel confident and knowledgeable. Thanks to all the members.
Reshma Chauhan
It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of such a well-curated course. The practical hands-on experience we get here is commendable and helps us to broaden the horizon of product management. Thanks to all the mentors.
Shubham Patel
Amazing stuff. Love what you folks are doing and great to be a part of this.πŸŽ‰
Rahul S K
HelloPM is the best platform for product management learning with affordable fees and hands-on experience.
Krisha Amlani
Joining the HelloPM has been a great move for me. As a newbie, I was seeking a comprehensive program that would equip me with the fundamentals. My goal was not just to grasp the concepts but to get into a structured and planned learning experience where someone would provide me with a right direction towards becoming a great PM. Investing my time, money, and efforts into this program has proven to be a decision I do not regret. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, providing a balanced mix of theoretical frameworks and hands-on experiences like quizes, module assignments that I love working on. Halfway through the cohort, I can already see the tangible value that HelloPM is adding to my skill set. The guests, mentors like Vennela, Vishal who have built and worked on multiple products bring real-world insights that literally make the experience not just informative but also engaging. I am hopeful that the knowledge and experiences gained in this program will open doors to exciting career opportunities for me in Product Management. Would absolutely recommend this program to any newbies entering PM! πŸ’―
Ilashree Saxena
This whole program is thoughtfully curated and highly valuable as it provides the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and develop products. From providing live learning opportunities to various product management topics, with lots of practical exercises and real-world case studies the whole program ensures a hands-on learning experience and confidence to embrace the PM journey. Ankit Shukla is a Great Mentor who with the whole HelloPM community is always available when needed. πŸ‘
Shanthan Singam
I can not thank HelloPM & Ankit Shukla enough for their exceptional program! The access to experts from top companies and the hands-on assignments have given me a solid foundation in Product Management. Do not miss this golden opportunity to level up your skills. ⭐
Khushi Mishra
The curriculum and mentorship provided in this course are truly exceptional. Despite being only two weeks into the program, the amount of knowledge I have gained is remarkable. Coming from a non-tech background, the learning process has been made thorough, yet enjoyable and accessible. Special thanks to Ankit Shukla for creating such awesome content and providing motivation. Also a shout-out to Aakash for his constant readiness to assist. Moreover, the cohort is filled with people from diverse and experience-rich backgrounds, making each assignment and live class not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable. I am eagerly looking forward to completing this course.
Aadhitya Ravichandran
Every week, my mind explodes a little bit 🀯 That is how many new things you learn @HelloPM program. -And fast! the guests, mentors are all accomplished people who have been there done that, and getting that instant feedback from them, you will have to travel 100s of miles for that, or...just sign up for this. -Every course is tailor made to be understood in a 0-100 way -A must for any early entrepreneur or someone looking to make big impact with teams that are doing it. 10/10 would recommed this to a friend.πŸ’― . P.S Ankit (the founder) is a perfect πŸ‘Œ example of lead by example
Kshitij Anand
HelloPM is truly a complete product management powerhouse in itself. The program meets every criterion on the list and more: The curriculum is crafted and structured logically. The learnings from one module feed into the other. The instructors are world-class. They are all experts in their field who have built and worked on multiple products. That is why Vennela can draw from her experience of working with traders in Tier 3 cities while building Meesho and a Vishal can show live demos of concepts using his product AmbitionBox. I feel that what Ankit might have been looking for while building the faculty is passion. Their passion for teaching the foundational skills of PMing is the common thread that binds all the instructors across modules. You will never see them shooing down a question or refraining from answering a doubt. That is why it is pretty common for our sessions to slightly extend beyond the stipulated 2 hours
Kanda Arunachalam
The Product management role is a multifaceted and young role when compare to other roles. That said, it is not clearly defined one but it has a lots of responsibilities to deliver a successful product. However, HelloPM comes up with a very structured and very practical program where anyone can easily learn the concepts. The reason why I love this course is for the following 3 top reasons: 1. Knowledgeable and dedicated instructors 2. Networking opportunities to share/learn the skills 3. Practical assignments (learning by doing). All the best to Ankit Shukla and his team
Vandana Rajpurohit
I am thrilled to be part of the current cohort! πŸš€ The structured curriculum, personalized mentorship, hands-on learning, and a supportive community make this program stand out. It is a comprehensive journey covering key aspects of Product Management, ensuring I am well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape. Excited for the learning ahead! 🌟 #ProductManagement #CohortExperience
Sreeraj Changalavariyam
Honestly, I would say this is the best opportunity to enhance your skillset using the structured schedule that HelloPM provides for product management, unlike the overwhelming content you would find over the internet. For me, it is just the start of the cohort, and the sessions conducted till now were the groundwork that helped me to start imbibing a product-thinking mindset. Also, the mentorship hand-holding is the icing on the cake πŸ™Œ Ankit Shukla πŸ’‘
Shubhangi Madan
I think this post encapsulates the PM essence perfectly! From handling shipments to conducting thorough analyses, a good Product Manager does it all. Along with possessing essential qualities like empathy, strong communication, leadership, and being curious tops them all. Thanks Ankit for simply covering these crucial aspects in a single LinkedIn post.
Sandeep Muralidharan
The biggest challenge when exploring a new domain or role is building an all-encompassing roadmap. Most of the content curated by the team here is precise, effective, and sensible. Interactive sessions, an abundance of resources, and a very responsive team level up the experience. 😁
Praveen Kumar
Hats off to Ankit Shukla, the founder of this fantastic product management cohort! Your creation is making a big impact. Loving the organized content and learning tons. Highly recommend! πŸ‘