Free Mock Interview for Aspiring Product Managers

To help aspiring product managers get a job in their dream companies and do the best work of their lives, HelloPM has started this “FREE MOCK INTERVIEW” initiative.

How does it work?
Step 1: Use the link below to schedule your mock interview.
Step 2: You need to add details (if available) such as the company you are applying for, when is your interview, your resume, etc.
Step 3: After filling in the information, if there are available slots then you will get an email with the available schedule within 2 days. If slots aren’t available immediately you’ll get an email whenever the schedule is available.
Step 4: Upon confirmation, you’ll receive an email to schedule a zoom call.

Details about the mock interview:
The mock interview will be around 45 minutes to 1 hour long.
The interviewer will understand your professional journey till now before asking you questions.
The questions will depend on the round you are in, the kind of company you are applying for, your background, and the general requirements of a product manager role.
Right now Naivedya Jain or Ankit Shukla is going to take your mock interviews, we are looking for product managers who could volunteer to help us help more candidates. If you are interested to contribute to the community or you know someone who can please refer them to us via
The interviews will happen on weekends or during public holidays.

Is the interview free or I need to pay in any way?
The mock interview is completely free with no strings attached. If an interviewer asks you for any kind of money please report it here, we assure you of timely action.

I do not have an interview scheduled, I just want to connect to get some guidance for product management roles and career, am I eligible?
Yes, you can also apply through the below link, if slots are available we will conduct either 1:1 or group sessions to help you out!

Please understand that we cannot promise availability to each and every candidate, although we’ll try our best to help out as many candidates as possible.

Use the link given below to apply for the free mock interview or guidance session.